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Link List / Other Cool Projects

The following is a list of places Inkblot works with, reads, orders from, or contributes content. These are some other cool projects you should check out:

  • Portland Button Works and Zine Distro – Portland Button Works and Zine Distro is run by Alan’s friends Alex Wrekk (Brainscan, Stolen Sharpie Revolution) and Paul Burke (The Copy Scams, Late Night Sleep TV). Alex and Paul have made tens of thousands of buttons for Alan’s various projects over the years. Alex and Alan wrote the split zine Timezones and Statelines and recorded an episode of the Zinester Podcasts together. In addition to buttons, Portland Button Works also runs an ever-expanding zine distro with some great titles.
  • ZineWiki – Inkblot founder Alan Lastufka co-created ZineWiki with Kate Sandler in 2006. The ZineWiki website grew very quickly and was eventually turned over to Jerianne Thompson (Zine World editor) and Dan Halligan (10 Things, Tablet) for administration.  ZineWiki has over 5,000 original articles, viewed 30,000,000 times, created and/or edited by over 271,000 registered users. ZineWiki is an incredible source of information for independently published titles.
  • Zine WorldZine World was a zine review zine which also covered independent publishing news. Inkblot founder Alan Lastufka was on staff as a reviewer in 2007, and designed the cover art for Zine World #24. While Zine World closed up shop in 2012 after a 16 year run, a number of past issues are available online in pdf form. This is a wonderful resource for research and past zine articles/reviews.

Inkblot does not trade links, however we do appreciate being linked to, and would like to check out your project if you link to us. Just use the contact form to let us know you’re linking to us and we’ll check out your project in return.