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About Inkblot

Inkblot is run by Alan Lastufka. Inkblot is more than just a zine distro. Inkblot is also a resource for independent publishers, writers, and artists. By offering tutorials, videos, essays, collaborative projects, and many other chances to contribute to and build a community, we aspire to not only distribute independent works, but to also help inspire and publish them. Inkblot was launched fall of 2016 in Portland, OR.

If you’re interested in contributing to Inkblot, please use the contact page to get in touch.

At this time Inkblot is not set up to receive review submissions for our zine distro, but we’re working on opening up submissions starting winter 2016.

About Alan Lastufka

Alan Lastufka Profile

Alan Lastufka

Alan launched and ran the popular Fall of Autumn zine distro from 2005 through 2008, later with help from friends Aaron Cynic and Kate Sandler. During that time he wrote the zines Pressed Between the Pages, Timezones and Statelines (with Alex Wrekk), and edited the Fall of Autumn Quarterly. He also contributed to numerous zines including List #9 (Ramsey Beyer), Foul #21 (Brandon Wetherbee), Polaroid-Celluloid #2 (Niku Arbabi), Eye Candy Zine (Sage Adderley), and was on staff at Zine World: A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press (under editor Jerianne Thompson) as a reviewer.

December 2005, Alan launched the Zinester Podcast series, which featured various writers reading original pieces from their zines, sometimes set to music or other soundscapes like the radio dramas of the ‘40s and ‘50s. Fifty episodes were produced between December 2005 through April 2008 and were downloaded over 10,000 times. Select episodes were broadcasted live on the air during the “The Great Sound Caper” hour on CHMR 93.5 FM in St. Johns, NL Canada

June 2006, Alan created ZineWiki with Kate Sandler. They wanted a universal catalog system for zines so any zinester or librarian could add a new issue/title as it became available. ZineWiki was the first of its kind for independent publications. Because zines are so individual and are usually produced in tiny print runs, they quickly disappear. Cataloging these creations creates a history, a record, an introduction to the culture, and an easy reference for those seeking out more information about self-publishing. ZineWiki has been viewed 30,000,000 times and includes over 5,000 articles created and edited by 271,000 registered users.

Alan also used the Fall of Autumn zine distro to produce numerous resources for indie writers and creators such as free downloadable Punk Rock Clip Art (downloaded 60,000 times), essays and tutorials from experienced publishers and editors, a discussion forum, a webcomic by Liz Baillie, and the previously mentioned Zinester Podcasts. Inkblot takes a lot of inspiration from Alan’s original distro, with the blessings of past collaborators Aaron and Kate.

Alan Lastufka with a DFTBA Records shipment truck.

Alan with a DFTBA Records shipment truck.

After shutting down Fall of Autumn in the summer of 2008, Alan co-founded DFTBA Records with Hank Green. DFTBA is an independent record label and merch company that produces CDs, shirts, posters, audiobooks, vinyl, stickers, and other various merchandise for YouTube content creators. After six years of incredible growth, Alan sold his ownership stake and left DFTBA to focus on other creative projects.